Male, 35 – sports medicine

I’ve been surfing with Brad for more than 20 years and began receiving treatments from him in 1998.  As a coastal Washington home builder and avid surfer, I’ve experienced my fair share of orthopedic injuries over the years.  Surfing 200 to 300 days a year in cold water is very physically challenging and the acupuncture and shiatsu treatments I’ve done with Brad have helped me minimize the detrimental effects of long hours of water time.  When injuries have occurred, I’ve been able to recover and rehab quickly and more completely with his help.  I’ve also benefited proactively from the nutrition and kinesiology coaching that Brad has done with me.  The stretching, strengthening, and dietary advice he has shared over the years has helped me to remain fit, strong, and ready to paddle.

Brian Forcum – Surfer, Web Designer, Home Builder