Male, 36 – back pain

I sustained a significant back injury in 2010 while weight-lifting.  The injury progressively worsened over the next year despite medical treatment.  I would wake up in pain every morning and I finally stopped exercising altogether.  It just hurt too badly.  I sought medical help.  One doctor suggested back surgery and the other prescribed a regime of pain medication.  I’m 36 years old – both options would have been life altering.  A spinal fusion would have prevented me from ever lifting weights again and I knew I couldn’t work effectively if perpetually drugged.  I scheduled sessions with Brad Thompson.  Brad utilized a combination of acupuncture, shiatsu, and Chinese herbal medicine to alleviate the pain.  The relief came quickly.  I left each session feeling progressively better.  Over time, his work resolved my injury altogether.  Before seeing Brad, I had resigned myself to only ever walking for exercise.  I’ve returned to lifting heavy free weights and I just ran my first marathon this fall in Portland.  I don’t think about the injury any longer – Brad made it possible for me to move past it entirely.

To say Brad is a talented healer is an understatement.  I fully recommend him to anyone who is experiencing pain or who has been injured.  He is, quite simply, exceptional.

Timothy Emery – Attorney, Diver, Cyclist, Snowboarder